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Standardised "plain" packaging laws

Huge step for public health in South West...

Quit this No Smoking Day

Quit this No Smoking Day

Smokers urged to quit for their health and...


PHealthA Plain packs help smokers quit in Oz ow.ly/VttV309k5Pl pic.twitter.com/im1qC6cgVR
03:10PM Feb 24
PHealthA Great work from Balance raising the profile of links between alcohol and cancer. twitter.com/BalanceNE/status/829624748032327680
10:35AM Feb 09
PHealthA Great advice to quit smoking before surgery ow.ly/M3mb308OgKI @ASH_LDN @RCSEd
04:26PM Feb 08
PHealthA Cheap, strong ciders available for as little as 16p per unit. Time to increase the duty on them @UK_AHA @PHammondMP bit.ly/2kjlARO pic.twitter.com/vlv6koLWTR
10:36AM Feb 03
PHealthA Smoking is costing local authorities £760 million a year in social care ow.ly/TJ4R308tEiS @ASH_LDN
09:36AM Jan 30
PHealthA It’s never too late to get involved with @AlcoholConcern ’s @DryJanuary . Find out more: www.dryjanuary.org.uk
02:30PM Jan 13
PHealthA 167,000 years of working life were lost in 2015 due to alcohol @UK_AHA #dayofaction
01:30PM Jan 13
PHealthA Alcohol is most common cause of liver disease in Eng & biggest risk factor for death in men under 60 @basl_events @BritSocGastro @LiverTrust
11:55AM Jan 13
PHealthA For people aged 15-49 in England, alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for early death, ill health & disability @UK_AHA #dayofaction
10:15AM Jan 13
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