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Public Health Action are a specialist team, experienced in delivering award-winning behaviour change interventions and solutions.  Bringing together a unique combination of social marketing and public health skills we deliver a whole range of services from insight generation, to campaign and intervention testing and development, through to project evaluation.  Click here to read more.


Standardised "plain" packaging laws

Huge step for public health in South West...

Quit this No Smoking Day

Quit this No Smoking Day

Smokers urged to quit for their health and...


PHealthA Great to be working with Berkshire on staff health and wellbeing. twitter.com/fentonaw/status/874942283401003008
04:12PM Jun 14
PHealthA STP reps talking about #BehChange and how we can all work together to improve lives. pic.twitter.com/zWpOfxriUZ
01:18PM Jun 14
PHealthA Stairs far more appealing option than lifts at NICE central offices! #BehChange pic.twitter.com/z1vWg5tKot
10:09AM Jun 14
PHealthA Chris Connell, NICE, evidence can make a fundamental change to lives. #BehChange
10:06AM Jun 14
PHealthA Using behavioural insights to increase uptake of NHS health checks by 12% #BehChange
09:54AM Jun 14
PHealthA Automatic and reflective sides of our brain drive behaviours, Tim chadborn #BehChange pic.twitter.com/lyLXFRJJJ5
09:46AM Jun 14
PHealthA Tim Chadborn talks about behavioural insights and use of technology. #BehChange pic.twitter.com/HDg1lLaTwZ
09:35AM Jun 14
PHealthA Excited to be on our way to the #behchange STP event in London this morning. @PHE_SouthWest @NHSscwcsu
08:32AM Jun 14
PHealthA Great to be speaking at #IGSocialMarketing17 today and meeting other passionate social marketers
12:47PM Jun 07
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