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Standardised "plain" packaging laws

Huge step for public health in South West...

Quit this No Smoking Day

Quit this No Smoking Day

Smokers urged to quit for their health and...


PHealthA Great news for public health - standard packs protect twitter.com/ash_ldn/status/803932099912802304
12:51PM Nov 30
PHealthA #Trackthepack - We spotted this cig pack today in our local Bristol garage twitter.com/PHE_SouthWest/status/801467347487686657 pic.twitter.com/iB06qHrQvG
02:04PM Nov 28
PHealthA For every £1 invested in specialist alcohol treatment, £5 is saved on health, welfare and crime costs #AAW2016
01:30PM Nov 18
PHealthA One in three adults in South West drink too much. Only 37% understand link with mouth/throat cancer #AAW2016 #knowtherisks #7cancers pic.twitter.com/BuIE3zGDC5
11:45AM Nov 18
PHealthA Alcohol related harm costs England around £21bn per year, with £3.5bn to the NHS, £11bn tackling crime & £7.3bn from lost work days #AAW2016
03:31PM Nov 17
PHealthA Only one in five people in South West understand the link between alcohol and breast cancer #AAW2016 #Knowtherisks #7cancers pic.twitter.com/pXHjioKLNg
11:20AM Nov 17
PHealthA Alcohol can cause 7 types of cancer including breast, bowel, & mouth. There is no safe level of alcohol #AAW2016 #Knowtherisks #7cancers
02:05PM Nov 16
PHealthA In SouthWest c.15.5% smoke. Stop Smoking Services help smokers quit - reducing lifetime care costs of smokers on NHS www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/campaign-for-us/dont-quit-on-us-save-stop-smoking-services twitter.com/CRUK_Policy/status/798833287422623744
12:16PM Nov 16
PHealthA South West survey shows only a quarter of south west residents understand links between alcohol and dementia #AAW2016 #Knowtherisks pic.twitter.com/930YafqXqX
08:35AM Nov 16
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